Griffin Games Fresno is the next project from the team behind Next-Gen Escape. We've had dozens of players enjoy our King's Keep medieval dungeon escape room so much they requested the opportunity to play their favorite roleplaying games from INSIDE the escape room.

Enter Griffin Games Fresno, the exciting second chapter in the Next-Gen Escape legacy. As we embark on this new journey, we are actively scouting iconic spots in the Fresno area to curate a magical blend of escape rooms and board games, all enveloped in the mystical ambiance of our fantasy world, "Last Era."

The Last Era Experience
Every escape room at Griffin Games Fresno is a portal to another corner of the Last Era, woven with stories and challenges. While each room stands alone in its narrative, they are all united under the Last Era theme. No sequential order, no barriers – dive right in, much like our originals at Next-Gen Escape.

While Next-Gen Escape remains our cornerstone, by mostly pushing immersive experiences, our expansion into Griffin Games Fresno signals our ambition to grow. Given that our original location is thriving at full capacity, it's time to broaden our horizons and spread our love of escape rooms and board games!

Dive Deeper into the Last Era
King's Keep was our first foray into the enchanting world of Last Era, it's been well recieved by fans, becoming one of the highest rated escape rooms in Fresno. Its video game prequel, Kingblade, too, is set in the universe, and is completely free to play. If you fancy strategic gameplay, Treachery and Schemes offers a card game experience reminiscent of classic pub games in Eldermark. Meanwhile, Tales from the Bloated Toad is our GM-less storytelling card adventure, set in the heart of the Kingskeep tavern. And there's more brewing: Stay tuned for an escape room deck-crawler we're eager to unveil!

Join us as we blend strategy, storytelling, and escapism into one seamless experience. Welcome to Griffin Games Fresno. Welcome to the Last Era.

Fresno hasn't seen anything quite like it yet!

Know where we should be planting the store's roots? Contact us and let us know!

  • CALVIN KAMMER, Game Maker

    Calvin and Kiara are both board game fanactics. Calvin additionally is the co-owner of Next-Gen Escape and Griffin Games alongside the clear and obvious talent, Kiara.

  • KIARA HILL, Talent

    Kiara's attention to detail and eye for design has greatly contributed to the success of Next-Gen Escape. The sets used at Next-Gen are undoubtably the leading reason behind players love of those games. Using what she learned from creating the escape rooms is a focus moving forward!